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Comparing the technological value of spelt grains to common wheat grains


In this paper, some technological properties of spelt and common wheat grains were compared. The research materials consisted of the spelt grain of ‘Schwabenkorn’ German cultivar, of three strains (STH 8, STH 11, and STH 12) obtained by crossing common wheat and spelt, and of a commercial sample of common wheat assumed to be a control sample. In the grain, the following was determined: weight of 1000 grains (TGM), powder density, glassiness, moisture content, content of mineral components in the form of ash, quantity and quality of gluten, and falling number. Besides physicochemical properties of the flour, the starch damage degree and rheological & baking properties (farino- and alveographic properties) were analysed. The control baking was performed in an electric modular oven. The baking loss and the baking yield were calculated; the bread volume was measured. It was found that the spelt grain contained more mineral components compared to the common wheat. The flour obtained from spelt grain contained more gluten, but the quality of this gluten was lower. The analysis of rheological properties proved a shorter stability time of spelt dough. The bread volume was correlated with the damage degree of starch.


spelt, common wheat, technological value, damage degree of starch, bread quality