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Quality assessment of triticale flour to the purpose of wafer production


The quality of Triticale flour was assessed for the purpose of wafer baking. Basing on the traditional recipe of wafers, with the wheat flour, the possibility of substituting wheat flour completely with Triticale flour, as well as with a mixture of wheat flour and Triticale flour, was tested. The factors of flour, characterising its technology for the purpose of wafer baking, were tested. It was found that as a result of a slight modification of the recipe, it is possible to obtain good quality wafers out of Triticale flour alone. A considerable better quality is to be obtained by fortifying their structure with an additive of wheat flour. It was determined that the most advantageous fraction of Triticale flour in relation to wheat flour amounted to 65%. In the course of determining the proportion of Triticale flour in relation to wheat flour, particularly the quantity and quality of the gluten of the mixture is to be taken into consideration. On the other hand, no unfavourable influence of an increased amylolytic activity of starch contained in Triticale flour, on the quality of wafer flakes, was found.