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Quality of imported honeys obtainable on the market in the Podkarpacie region


In recent years the imported honey market has been dynamically growing and, owing to the attractive price, the imported products compete with the Polish honeys. In the research study the quality was assessed of the imported honeys available in local supermarkets; the assessment was based on the quality parameters of honeys as specified in applicable regulations. In addition, their antioxidant properties were analyzed and compared with those of the Polish honeys. The study included the following honeys: acacia (3), tilia (4), buckwheat (4), multifloral (5) and honeydew (4). As regards the analyzed physicochemical parameters, only the content of water, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and diastase number were reported to deviate from the values of commercial quality of honey as required by the relevant regulations; the deviations were found in 15, 35 and 45 % of samples, respectively. The total content of phenolic compounds was positively correlated with the antioxidant activity of honeys measured as the ability to reduce iron ions (Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power), with the inhibition of DPPH radicals (Radical Scavenging Activity) and with the colour of honey (r = 0.847, 0.367 and 0.975, respectively). The research study shows that the imported honeys constitute a natural sweetener with a significantly lower biological activity as compared to honeys produced in the Podkarpacie region, which were the subject of our previous research.


honey, import, commercial quality, biological activity