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Quantity as well as physico - chemical property analysis of meat from swine hybrids: ♀pbz x ♂duroc, ♀pbz x ♂hampshire and ♀pbz x ♂pietrain


The aim of this paper was to ascertain the influence of genotype on the quantity and quality of meat obtained from porkers originating from the hybridisation of sows of pbz breed with meat-boars: duroc, hampshire and pietrain. Such researches also help to update our knowledge on the issue of the quality of pig’s raw material obtained in meat – processing plants, and also allows us to ascertain to what degree parental material transfers favourable genes relating to the physicochemical properties of meat to its offspring. It was confirmed, that the highest meat quality was achieved by porkers of pbz x pietrain (51,88%), while the lowest was by porkers of pbz x hampshire (49,15%). The best processing possibilities with respect to thermal outflow and water absorbing capacity, was shown by meat of porkers from pbz x pietrain – quantity of free water 21,75%, thermal outflow 25,85%, while not so good technological parameters were shown by hybrids of pbz x hampshire – 23,39% and 27,17% respectively. Carcasses of animals from pbz x duroc had more of standard meat – 78,95% (meat with no quality deviations) while the least was found in carcasses’ hybrids of pbz x hampshire (66,66%).