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Regional dishes and products as a chance for rural areas in Poland to develop after entering the European Union


Some typical regional foods and/or agricultural products have to be protected under the current circumstances of cutthroat market competition. Such protection is highly required for the  purpose of sustaining the specificity of regional products, as well as of enabling the identification of their origin. Many products appearing typical for a given region are manufactured in individual agricultural farms. This fact could attract tourists, and on this basis, agro-tourist activities could be developed in this particular region. Another argument in favor of this way of thinking is the fact that, nowadays, tourists seem to be highly interested in unique culinary features of regions they visit, for example in unique dishes, specific products, etc. A regional approach to cultural heritage involves the reconstruction of noteworthy elements and forgotten creations in the domain of culture and traditions; regional products and dishes are certainly part of such creations. As for regional products and dishes, a next step in their development should be their standardization using legislation processes, which are embedded in the current regulatory environment of the European Union.


regional products, regional dishes, agricultural development, culinary traditions