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Regional fish products


Due to specific conditions in different parts of the world, various characteristics of regional fishery products have been developed. The properties of these products depend on the contents of fat, enzyme activity and gel forming ability of raw materials, the fishing gear used in local fisheries, and weather conditions prevailing in a particular region, especially the temperature and air  humidity. There are regional products that have gained popularity in the world market, e. g. stockfish and klipfish produced from Gadidae, salted and dried Caspian roach, dried shark fins, salted fatty herring known as maatjes, several assortments of marinaded herring, various fermented fish sauces, and different Japanese-type gelled products made from surimi known as kamaboko. However, there are also numerous assortments of salted, dried, and fermented products made of locally available small fish and shrimps that serve as staple food for the local population. Owing to their poor quality, these products do not enter distant markets.


fish sauce, Kashubian herring fillets, klipfish, salted dried Caspian roach, and stockfish