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Regional products of vegetables and fruits in Poland and in some parts of the world - characterization and technology


Vegetables and fruits are very important, basic components and ingredients of regional dishes all over the world. The type of vegetables and fruits used in the everyday cuisine depends on the geographic location and climate. Some vegetables and dishes made of them were, at first, considered a food for the poor, but as soon as rich people started to enjoy them and prepare them, they became very popular and were changed into a regular ingredient of many regional dishes. Fermented vegetables have a special place among regional products. Fermentation is a traditional and cheap method of food preservation. A dish made of meat and sauerkraut (called ‘bigos’) and borsch of beetroots belong to a group of typical traditional Polish dishes. A lot of regional fruit and vegetable dishes, as well as semi-products for their preparation, are manufactured on the industrial scale all over the world despite the high sensitivity of raw materials to technological processing.


regional products, fruits, vegetables, fermentation, bigos (meat and sauerkraut), borsch