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The effect of cake flour quality on sponge cake features


The objective of the paper was the commodity evaluation of quality of cake flours available in the Gdynia market, as well as the assessment of sensory and physical properties of sponge cakes baked using these flours. The effect of flour quality on the sponge cake quality was also determined. There were investigated flours produced by 4 corn-milling enterprises. The scope of investigations included: organoleptic assessment, moisture, content of mineral compounds determined as ash, acidity, water absorbing, falling number, and gluten parameters (number, elasticity, and spreading capacity). The cake flours offered in the Gdynia market did not differ with regard to their sensory parameters, however, their chemical compositions varied. The quality of flour considerably impacts the quality of products made of sponge dough. A cake made of a flour with a moisture level above 15% had a decreased porosity, improper flavour, and changed texture. The increased per cent content of ash in flour contributed to the decrease in the typicality of the sponge cake smell.


cake flour, sponge cake, sensory assessment