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Comparison quality features of wheat bread baked using straight and pre-fermented dough method


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of bread-making method (straight dough and prefermented dough) on the selected quality features of wheat bread. The raw material was a white bread wheat flour, 750 type, showing different content levels of gluten owing to the addition of dry gluten. The gluten content in the flour types studied ranged from 25.7 to 33.0 %. Wheat breads were baked using a straight and a pre-fermented dough method. The following features of breads baked were assessed: weight, yield, bake loss, volume, Dallman value, porosity index, and firmness of bread crumb. The analysis of the results obtained showed that the bread-making method had a significant effect on the majority of bread features studied. The breads baked using a pre-fermented dough method had a higher volume than the breads baked using a straight dough method. The breads baked using a pre-fermented dough method had a considerably lower firmness after 1-day storage. As for the bread baked using two dough methods, their weight, yield, and volume increased along with the increase in the content of gluten therein.


bread, bread product, straight dough (direct) method, pre-fermented dough (indirect) method