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Results of fattening and a slaughter value of carcasses of black-and white purebred heifers and black-and-white x limousine crossbreds


The experiment involved 32 Black- and -White (BW) heifers and 21 heifers originating from crossbreeding of BW cows with Limousine bulls (LMS); all the animals involved were kept on the same farm. The control fattening of B-W heifers started from 312 kg and the control fattening of B-W x LMS heifers from 263 kg of the average body weight and was continued 120 days until the body weight of 430 kg was reached. In comparison to the B-W heifers, the BW X LMS crossbred heifers had approximately 100g larger daily body weight gains, lower body weight losses during the pre slaughter handling,, almost 3% higher yield, better scores for carcass elements, and a larger content of valuable culinary elements in the carcass, as well as lower fat and bone contents. The crossbred heifer meat had a lower percentage of dry matter and fat, brighter colour and showed a better tenderness.


heifers, fattening, slaughter value, meat quality, dressing percentage