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Retrogradation of starches derived from immature kernels


Retrogradation is unfavourable process occuring during food storage, causing limitations in consumption of products based on starch. For that reason, the aim of undertaken researches was to indicate the possibility of obtaining of cereal starch with much lower tendency to retrogradation, without necessity of previous modification of it. Starches were extracted by laboratory method from: wheat, rye, barley harvested at different stages of maturity. Dry matter and starch content in kernels as well as amylose content in starches were analysed. Amylose and amylopectin ratio was established and weight-average molecular weight of the both starch polymers by means of gel chromatography (GPC) and degree of retrogradation of 1% of water – starch pastes were determined. It was stated, that starches from immature kernels had lower tendency towards retrogradation in comparison to mature ones, at 8° C, 20° C and -20° C. For the all investigated kernels the lowest retrogradation was revealed at starches separated from kernels harvested at early-waxy stage of maturity. Kernels of wheat and barley harvested at early-waxy stage of maturity may be recognized as natural source of cereal kernels starches with low tendency towards retrogradation.


starch, retrogradation, immature cereal kernels