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HACCP system in food service sector – employees’ knowledge of implementation of its rules exemplified by Świętokrzyskie region


The objective of the survey was to evaluate the food service employees’ knowledge as regards the implementation level of some selected HACCP system requirements in their workplace. The employees surveyed were employed in the accommodation sector in the region of the Świętokrzyskie Province. The empirical research was performed based on a questionnaire survey on the turn of 2009-2011; the respondents were randomly selected employees representing 54 accommodation facilities, 3 or 4 employees from each facility. The population covered by the survey comprised 180 employees from 3 types of business functions, namely: management team, waiters or barmen, and workers from the production area. Less than half of employees declared to be acquainted with the rules of HACCP system; among them, the number of men was statistically substantially higher than of women, and the highest was the number of management employees: managers or junior managers/bosses. More than 60 % of the food service employees in the accommodation sector knew about the HACCP system implemented in their workplaces, and, among them, the number of the employees from the management staff was statistically significantly higher than the number of employees from the direct catering sales units and production units. More than 80 % of the employees who were aware that the HACCP system was implemented in their workplace confirmed the existence of the HACCP Book (Plan); they also declared to know that the Critical Control Points were monitored. The lowest percent of the respondents were those who knew that a HACCP team was formally appointed in their workplace.


HACCP system, employees’ knowledge, food service sector