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Changes in the content of nitrates (III) and (V) in the minimally processed spinach packed and stored in modified atmosphere


Under the study presented, it was determined the effect of packing spinach in a modified atmosphere and using a packaging film of an oxygen permeability of 1900 and 3000 cm3/m2/24 h·bar on changes in nitrates(III) and (V) in the spinach packed during its 12-day storage at 4 ºC. The content of nitrate(V) was high in both the raw material and all the analyzed samples packed in a modified atmosphere; it ranged from 937 to 1212 mg/kg f.w., though, it did not exceed the admissible limits. A high content of nitrates(III) was recorded in the samples stored for 12 days and packed in air and in the atmosphere with 10 % O2, 10 % CO2, and 80 % N2. The samples wrapped with the film of a permeability of 3000 cm3/m2/24 h·bar (105 and 221 mg/kg, respectively) had a higher content of nitrates(III), whereas the samples wrapped with the film of a permeability of 1900 cm3/m2/24 h·bar (77 and 124 mg/kg, respectively) had lower contents of nitrates(III). The samples packed in the air and in the modified atmosphere with 10 % O2, 10 % CO2 and 80 % N2 were characterized by the worst sensory quality, irrespective of the applied packing material. It was found that the samples packed in the atmosphere containing 20 % O2, 5 % CO2, 75 % N2 and 20 % O2, 25 % CO2, 55 % N2 had the best sensory quality and the lowest increase in the contents of nitrates(III) during their storage.


nitrates(V) and (III), spinach, packing in the modified atmosphere