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Selected health behaviours of girls aged 14 to 19 years and the risk of eating disorders: a pilot study


Background. Health behaviors combine emotional aspects, beliefs and tendencies to behave positively or negatively, thus making their nature very complex. The aim of this study was to assess selected health behaviors, subjective self-perception of the body image and eating patterns of girls aged 14 to 19 years (n = 114). The study entailed: examining the propensity of girls to reduce  their nutritional consumption (Restricted Eating Scale), establishing behaviors associated with improper eating (Problem Eating Behaviors Questionnaire), identifying the factors affecting girls’ eating behavior and subjective selfassessment of their body image and diet.
Results and conclusion. The results of the study showed that girls had problems with an accurate perception of their own body image. Extreme food restriction was not proven, but some improper eating behaviors such as eating while doing activities, snacking during the day and eating irregularly were found. The continued monitoring of health-promoting behaviors is useful and reasonable  due to the diagnosis of the need to take an action to promote the development of habits and hierarchies of health values among girls aged 14 to 19 from small town environments. The  conducted research fits into health risk management and health promotion in the Polish population.


girls, body image satisfaction, improper eating behaviours, restricted eating