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Gelation of whey products


The objective of this project was to investigate the gelling ability of several whey products: powdered whey and whey protein concentrates with different protein content. Dispersions of different protein concentration (4, 6, 8 and 10%) were made, heated from a temperature of 25°C to 85°C, and cooled to 25°C. Rheological properties were investigated using a ‘Haake RS300’ dynamic rheometer in an oscillatory mode. Rheological modules, phase angle, and loss tangent were registered. Frequency sweeps were performed at 85°C and 25°C. For all investigated products, the storage modules increased when their samples were cooled. The frequency sweep at 25°C revealed that gels were formed. The best gelling performance was stated for the whey protein concentrate containing respectively: 65.3% of proteins and 5.9% of mineral salts. Among all investigated products, this particular composition seems to be the most optimal one to enable forming gel.


protein, whey, WPC gel, rheology