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Traditional food from the consumers’ vantage point


The interest in traditional foods is a sign of new trends in consumer behaviour in the food market implied by a desire to preserve and expose values resulting from cultural heritage. In the light of the growing demand for traditional foods in Europe, it seems important to identify the way the Polish consumers perceive traditional foods and to determine the attributes associated with this food category. The analysis of the reference literature and of the author’s own data shows that the vast majority of Polish consumers state that they purchase traditional food; their most important motivation for purchasing traditional food is belief about its exceptional sensory qualities. The consumers locate traditional foods amid the known and commonly consumed products, but, simultaneously, they perceive the consumption of traditional foods as a possibility to fulfil hedonistic desires related with the search for new taste experiences. In the group of consumers of traditional foods, older people prevail, i.e. the people who are concerned about their health and who are more engaged in planning and preparing their meals. They perceive the cooking as a manifestation of their concern for the beloved and they appreciate culinary skills. In order to further develop the traditional food market, it is necessary to create traditional products that are in line with more and more complex consumer expectations towards food products, to improve the availability of traditional foods, and to master the offer of such products.


traditional food, consumer, conceptualization, preferences