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The application of prognostic microbiology methods in modeling the growth of saprophytic bacteria in meat products preserved using lysozyme in the form of a dimer


The objective of the work was to develop mathematical models of growth in the total plate count of bacteria and of saprophytic Pseudomonas spp. bacteria in model meat products preserved using lysozyme in the form of a dimer. The microbiological experiment was carried out by a traditional plate method. The experimental data were adapted to the first order models (the Gampertz and logistic functions) and to the response surface models (RSM). The Marquardt algorithm was used to evaluate parameters of the Gompertz and logistic functions. The least square method was used to assess parameters of the polynomial functions. Results of the first order models were kinetics parameters of the growth: lag time duration, growth rate, generation time, and density of population. The influence of environmental factors on the growth in the bacteria population was determined on the basis of RSM.


food, microbiology, prediction, meat products