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The canadian muffins and hermit cookies with linseeds


The objective of the study was to compare the quality of two pastry types with brown and yellow linseeds added. A flax hermit cookie recipe and a bran flax muffin recipe were referred to a book “A taste of flax – Cookbook two” published by Flax Council of Canada. The authors experimented on the basis of the recipes cited; instead of originally 8%, they added 11% of linseeds to flax hermit cookies, and 9% of linseeds to bran flax muffins instead of originally 4%. While comparing the original and modified recipes, it was stated that the sensory assessment of flax hermit cookies was not affected by a 3% higher volume of linseeds in them, nor was the sensory evaluation of muffins in which the content of linseeds grew by 5%; the average scores were better than good. And the increased content of linseeds in both types of the pastry improved their dietary and nutritional values because the total protein and dietary fiber contents increased. By replacing margarine and oat bran with linseeds, a significantly higher level of α-linolenic acid (n-3 PUFA) in total fatty acids was achieved. This fact is of especial importance since the level of this component is usually too low in our everyday diet. No significant differences were found in nutritional effects of yellow and brown seeds. The shelflife of muffins was only 7 days, whereas the flax hermit cookies have been fresh for approximately 2 months.


pastries, muffins, hermit cookies, linseeds