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The changes of oil fraction in snacks during storage


The aim of the work was to examine the influence of kind of oil on quality of snack products during storage. The potato chips and other snacks were obtained from the manufacturer. The potato chips and snacks were produced with using of different kind of vegetable oils (palm, soya and blend of arachid and other saturated vegetable oil). Products were analysed just after being produced and every two weeks during 24 weeks of storage. The measurements included the moisture and fat content, acid and Lea value of the fat extracted from products, fatty acids composition, polar fraction content and sensoric evaluation of odour, flavour and texture. Some changes in fatty acids composition in three of four stored snack products were stated. Decreasing of polyunsaturated fatty acids content was found to give oxidative changes as measured by number Lea. Total polar compounds increased during the storage period – most in products fried in soya oil, less – in palm oil. Oxidized triacyloglicerols were the main fraction of polar compounds. Analyses of fat changes in stored snack products permit to show the start of sensoric changes and help to explain their cause.


potato chips, snacks, frying, storage, changes of oil fraction