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The characteristics of gels made up of potato starch with some selected saccharides added


In this paper, a texture analysis was performed of potato starch gels: native, oxidized, and distarch phosphate produced with sucrose or fructose added. The gels were investigated using a texture profile analysis (TPA) and a sensory method. Additionally, a microscopic analysis of the structure of starch gels was performed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). It was found that the presence of sucrose in the modified potato starch gels (amounting to 1 g/ 1 g starch d.b.) caused the values of texture parameters (TPA) of these gels to decrease comparing to the gels without saccharides. By adding fructose to starch dispersions, its amount being equivalent to the amount of sucrose added, caused the values of texture parameters of the oxidized starch gel to decrease, as well as the hardness and cohesiveness of the distarch phosphate gels to drop. The microscopic structure of starch gels containing sucrose differed significantly from the structure represented by the gels produced without sugar.


modified starches, sucrose, fructose, texture, SEM