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The composition of chicory flour of selected chicory cultivars polanowicka and fredonia in relation to root sizes and the date of harvest


The purpose of this research was to evaluate the usefulness of the roots of two chicory cultivars (Polanowicka i Fredonia) for chicory flour production. Selected components concentration in peeled chicory roots and their extracts in relation to the date of harvest, and size root was determined. Yields of protein, dietary fibre, total extract, and carbohydrate composition in peeled, small, average, and large chicory roots collected between September and October have been also analysed. The results of the research have showed significant differences in a composition of carbohydrates in relation to chicory root size and the date of harvest. Large roots of chicory collected between September and October gave the largest yields of inulin, while tiny roots below 200 g are less valuable raw material. The chicory roots of Polanowicka cv. were the better material for chicory flour production because the flour did not undergo the browning during the processing.


root chicory, chicory meal, chemical composition