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The effect of Trichoderma reesei M7-1 enzyme preparation on apple pulp quality and yields


The objective of the experiment was to study suitability of enzyme preparation containing Trichoderma reesei M7-1 (TR) for the apple pulp maceration and to compare the effects of TR with other enzyme preparations, i.e. Pektopol PT-100, Pektopol PM-200, and Rohapect MA plus. The maceration of apple pulp was carried out under laboratory conditions, with constant stirring at 25°C for 60 minutes. Next, the pulp was screened, pasteurised, and stored at 4°C. The control sample was enzyme-free. If compared with the control sample, the addition of Trichoderma reesei M7-1 increased the yield by 33.8%, as well as the polyphenol sustainability, the extract quantity, and the contents of total and reducing sugars, but at the same time, it decreased the content of insoluble compounds. In some cases, the efficiency of Trichoderma reesei M7-1 was the same or higher than that the efficiency of the commercial enzyme preparations applied in this study.


apple pulps, enzyme preparations, Trichoderma reesei M7-1, apple pulp yield