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The importance of some selected qualitative features of apples for the buyers


The objective of the research was to recognize and evaluate the features of apples the consumers refer to while buying fresh apples, as well as the correlations among the consumers’ preferences and attitudes. The analysis was conducted on the basis of the results of questionnaire surveys carried out among the residents in the city of Lublin in 2004. The research shows that the demographic and social-economic features are significantly correlated with the preferences of the buyers of apples. In the opinion of respondents, the following features are taken into consideration when they buy apples, in the order of their importance: freshness, taste, lack of mechanical damage, cleanness of fruits, variety, price, information on lacking residues that might be harmful to health, colour of peel, country of origin, large choice, fruit size, technology of production, producer’s name. Owing to the differentiation of preferences depending on the demographic and social-economic feature of the buyers, the efficiency of promotional activities aiming at the increase of apple consumption could be improved by orienting them to relevant segments of purchasers.


apples, purchase, preferences