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The influence of coating on physical properties of agglomerated powdered cocoa drink


The objective of this work was to determine the dependence between the general characteristics of an instant cocoa powder drink and the spatial distribution of its ingredients while changing the ingredient quantities and types of its coating substance. The material investigated were the powdered mixes of the following substances: instant sugar, cocoa, maltodextrin, and milk powder. The basic composition of the mixes was made up of: 20% cocoa + 80% sugar; 20% cocoa + 40% sugar + 40% maltodextrin; 20% cocoa+ 80% maltodextrin; 20% cocoa + 40% sugar + 40% milk powder; 20% cocoa + 80% milk powder. The mixes were agglomerated and, next, coated. Prior to agglomerating individual mixes, 20% of one ingredient contained in the mix was taken from it. After the mix agglomerating process was completed, this 20% amount of one ingredient was added in form of a coating solution into the mix agglomerated. Owing to this routine, a coating layer was created around the mix’s particles without changing the initial composition of each mix, which remained exactly the same. The following parameters of the drinks under investigation were measured: granulometric composition, water activity, water content, powder density of loose and tapped cocoa powder drinks, friability, angle of repose on glass or metallic surface, pilling angle, and two reconstitution properties: wettability and solubility. The coating process caused changes in the general characteristics of the agglomerated cocoa powder drinks, and the influence level depended on the drink composition and the type of substances used for coating. It was stated that the general properties of products coated with a sugar solution were improved, but coating made up of cocoa, maltodextrin or milk powder caused no significant changes in the characteristics investigated.


instant cocoa powder, agglomeration, and coating