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The influence of storage conditions on texture parameters and sensory quality of sour cherry jams with various plant additives


The objective of the research study was to compare the texture and colour parameters as well as and some sensory indicators of low-sugar sour cherry jams with and without pro-health plant ingredients (the latter jams constituted a control sample). The sour cherry jams  studied contained chokeberry, elderberry, Japanese quince, flax seeds, wheat germs and inulin; their content was 6 ÷ 42 % by weight of  the total sour cherry fruit. Steviol glycoside was added to replace some part of sucrose and to reduce its amount by 15 ÷ 48 %. The products  obtained were analysed immediately after production and, next, 6 and 12 months after storing them at a refrigeration (10 ºC)  and room temperature (20 ºC). In the jams the dominant colours were red (a*) and yellow (b*). The brightest jams were those with added  Japanese quince, flax seeds and wheat germs. Chokeberry and elderberry added caused the jams to significantly darken. After storage changes were found in the texture and colour parameters, though those in the jams stored at 10 ºC were smaller. The jams  underwent a sensory evaluation: high scores (4.6 ÷ 5.0 points) were awarded to the jams immediately after production and after a period  of their 6 month storage. Also after a 12 month storage period, the quality of jams was awarded high scores (4.7 ÷ 5.0 points) except for the jams with flax seeds and wheat germs that were lower scored (3.8 ÷ 4.0 points). The analysis of the jam samples studied show that storing  the jams at a lower temperature is more beneficial and the storage duration of jams with flax seeds and wheat germs should be reduced to  6 months. The conclusion is that the jams with the selected plant component added (chokeberry, elderberry, Japanese quince, flax seeds,  wheat germs and inulin) can be a beneficial alternative to traditional jams.


sour cherry, jam, plant additives, texture, colour, sensory properties