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The meat quality evaluation of fattening pigs from different producers


In the present study, the authors investigated the quality of pork delivered by different producers. It was stated that the pork meat of fatteners delivered by individual suppliers was highly different in its quality parameters analyzed; additionally a relatively high quantity  of meat was found inadequate (deficient). The producer I provided 56.25% of fatteners with a PSE defect in their meat. The dealer IV delivered the highest amount of meat showing ASE and RSE meat defects. The meat supplied by the dealer IV showed a relatively low pH-value if compared with the meat of fatteners from the dealer II; the difference in pH-values was statistically significant. Furthermore, the meat delivered by the dealer IV had a worse color and a worse tenderness. The pork meat from fatteners of the producer III was of the best quality among all other meat types, and its sensory and physicochemical parameters were very good. The carcasses  of those fatteners were lean and the percentage of lean meat in their carcasses was 54.29%, besides, among them, the percentage of meat with PSE was minimal.


fattening pigs, physicochemical indices, taste-panel evaluation