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The research on quality improvement of gluten free bread by amaranthus flour addition


In gluten free breads: 5, 7.5, 10,12 and 15% amount of com starch provided by recipe was replaced by amaranthus flour in order to increase the nutritious value. It was stated, that addition of 10% amount of flour caused an increase in volume and efficiency of the obtained breads, with no deterioration of their sensoric evaluation. The participation of amaranthus flour (especially in amount of 7.5% in comparison to mass of starch) definitely influenced on slowing down the process of gluten free bread crumb hardening, simultaneously increasing its cohesiveness and eliminating the excessive crumbling during storage period. The participation of amaranthus flour in gluten free breads enriched them in valuable protein, fiber and numerous macro- and microelements. The amounts of these compounds successively increased with the increasing share of the amaranthus flour, and at 10% addition this increase was respectively: protein – 32%, fiber – 152%, P – 43%, K – 21%, Ca – 34%, Mg – 96%, Cu – 55%, Zn – 27%, Fe – 87%, in comparison with standard bread. For commercial use it’s recommended the addition in amount not greater than 10 % of the replaced starch by amaranthus flour in gluten free breads.