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The result evaluation of reproductive geese in the podlasie farms in the year 2002


The investigations were carried in 28 farms with reproductive geese in the Podlasie District. A rather large variation ranging from 272 to 2110 heads was stated in relation to the layer population in the farms. Less than 387 layers were reared in 32,0% of farms investigated, and more than 1000 birds in 17,9% of the farms. The ratio of males and females ranged between 1 : 3 and 1 : 5. On the farms under investigation, the amount of set eggs per one layer was from 18,1 to 65,8 eggs, and 42,6 eggs on the average. Less than 30,8 eggs per layer were set hatching in 17,8% of the farms. In many farms (60,7%) it was obtained a low egg fertilization rate (less than 80%), and as for 64,3% of flocks, the hatching rate from the set eggs was low and amounted to less than 60,0%. Also, a low number of gosling per layer (less than 20 head on 35,7% farms), and a rather high number of disabled goslings (4 to 6,4% on 35,7% farms) were obtained in a fairly large number of farms among the analysed ones.


geese, reproduction results