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The role of eco-innovations in developing sustainable products


A characteristic feature that is directly or indirectly related to a quality of sustainable product originating from eco-innovation are the relationships with customers, which consist in meeting their needs and expectancies. However, those customer needs and expectancies are not always consistent with the concept of sustainable development. The customer is a very important link in performing the “customer to customer” quality  management process for he is a source of information and a recipient of market offers. However, due to their  potential and creativity, designers and constructors are those, who finally play a significant role in developing the  quality of sustainable product. The objective of the research study was analysis of the context of sustainable  product in the light of the theory of quality management and sustainable development, competitive role of eco- innovations and consumer perception. Based on the reference literature analysis, a thesis has been formulated  that the diffusion of eco-innovations is a stimulus to developing a sustainable product. Eco-innovations are  perceived by manufacturers as a source of gaining a competitive advantage. On the basis of surveys of the manufacturers of food and electronic equipment, there were established the competitiveness determinants for  product eco-innovations. Also, customer surveys were conducted to identify the most common sources of  information about eco-innovations. It has been shown that descriptive characteristics of food products and the  designation of energy classes for electronic products can be included into those sources.


eco-innovations, diffusion models, sustainable product, quality