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The role of social media and influencer marketing in shaping consumer behavior among the young people: the case of Ekipa Friza ice cream


Background. The aim of the presented research is a case study consisting in an analysis of publicly available Internet articles describing the phenomenon of influencers’ impact in the context of consumer behavior on the food market in Poland. This applies in particular to non-basic, impulsive, high-fat and high-sugar content foodstuffs. An example of that is previously unprecedented demandfor Koral Ekipa sorbet ice cream among children and school youth (up to 17 years of age), which is discussed in this paper. It was a phenomenon observed in April 2021 as a result of the PLL Koral marketing campaign carried out in cooperation with the most popular Polish youtubers, known as Ekipa Friza (Friz’s Team). Results and conclusions. The presented case study demonstrates the power of social media and influencer marketing in shaping consumer behavior among children and school youth. One of the commercial activities of the Team was cooperation with well-known producers and distributors of food products in Poland, such as PPL Koral, Dooti Donuts, Krynica Vitamin and Millano Group. The team assigned its name to four food products, with the Koral-Ekipa ice cream, introduced at the end of March 2021, having the greatest market success. Their sales exceeded by at least 300% other new products in over forty years of Koral’s history. High sales figures for ice cream were already achieved in March and April, which prompted the manufacturer to launch an additional line, allowing the production of about one million ice creams a day. In this context, the authors also referred to the impact of influencer marketing on the health of young people and, consequently, the whole society.


social media, Ekipa ice cream, YouTube, influencer marketing, consumer behavior