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The segmentation attempt of the market with relation to the demand and the structure of quality parameters of probiotic milk beverages


The purpose of these studies was to establish a consumer structure of quality parameters of probiotic milk beverages, to determine the influence of some socio-economical elements on this structure, and to show the relations between the demand of particular segments and quality parameters of the product. The results of the poll were verified by an analysis of variance and a factor analysis. Of all quality parameters of beverages the most crucial is their resistance to perishability. The importance given to some parameters depends on the gender, the age and the education level of respondents, as well as on the income of their households. Probiotic milk beverages are consumed most often by the individuals who do not take the price into consideration when buying food products. The demand exhibited by the individuals over 35 years of age, members of large households and of medium income households depends on the quality of packaging. For the age group of 19-35 years, the frequency of consum ption is determined by nutritional values of milk beverages. The consumers whose education level is lower than secondary purchase the beverages because they contain conducive bacterial flora.