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The texture and structure of whey protein concentrate and isolate gels with pectin


The objective of this study was to determine an effect of a low-methoxyl pectin on the texture and structure of geis mixed with WPC and WPI. The whey protein in WPC and WPI was substituted by pectin in order to obtain the following pectin concentration rates in a pectin-protein mixture: 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%. Dispersions (pH 7.0) were heated 30 minutes at 80 °C. and the resulting texture and microstructure of the produced gels were analyzed. Owing to the substitution of the whey protein by the pectin, the hardness of gels decreased as the result of their incompatibility, and this fact was proved by microphotographs. No decrease in the hardness of the gels was caused by the higher concentrations of pectin, up to 20%, added to WPC. This phenomenon could be attributed to the gelation process of pectin induced by calcium ions present in WPC.


gel, microstructure, pectin, protein, rheology, whey