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Comparison of the quality of meat from gilts and primiparous sows


The investigations were performed using meat samples (m. longissimus dorsi) obtained from 22 gilts and 21 sows (upon their farrowed for the first time) having a Danish Landrace x Danish Yorkshire genotype. The animals originated from the same farm. After the completion of fattening the gilts, and as soon as piglets were weaned (sows), the animals were slaughtered at a meat plant. The quality of meat was analyzed forty-eight (48) hours after the slaughter had been accomplished. The chemical analysis performed proved that the contents of basic chemical components in meat produced from both the gilts and the sows after the first farrow were comparable. The only exception was a soluble protein content that was statistically significantly higher in the meat from sows. The meat from gilts had a lighter colour and a better endogenous water binding capacity if compared with the meat from primiparous sows. The meat produced from gilts has evidently better sensory properties (aroma, flavour), juiciness, and tenderness) than the meat produced from sows. Only with regard to juiciness values and intensity of flavour, there were stated no statistically significant differences between the average values as obtained in the groups of meat under analysis.


gilts, primiparous sows, meat quality