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Trial of fortification of cottage cheese with calcium salts


Increasing the amount of calcium in cottage cheese could help prevent osteoporosis. Calcium lactate and calcium chloride appeared to be preferable for calcium content supplementation. Sterile calcium chloride solution and calcium lactate powder were added to pasteurised milk for manufacture of cottage cheese. Addition of 150, 225 and 300 mg% calcium (with calcium chloride and calcium lactate blend) to milk increased calcium content to 216-239, 223-266 and 287-346 mg% calcium, respectively. The highest amount of calcium achieved with no negative organoleptic effect was 244 mg% of calcium. This was accomplished by the addition of 225 mg% calcium into milk with chloride and lactate salts blend. Calcium lactate was also used to increase the amount of calcium by adding it directly into the cheese curd. Acceptable level of calcium added with lactate salt for increasing calcium content in quark was 210 mg% without adverse flavours.


cottage cheese, calcium, fortification