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Utilization of genetically naked oats in broiler nutrition


The possibility of using genetically naked oats, which naturally contain high levels of energy and protein of high biological availability, is limited because of the presence of non-starch polysaccharides – especially β-glucanes. The experiment was conducted on 98 Starbro chickens alloted to 7 feeding groups receiving isoenergetic and isoprotein diets that differed in the level of naked oats. Three feeds were supplemented with Avizyme 1100 (Finnfeeds Int.). The reported study indicated that 20-40 percent inclusion of the naked oats in broiler diets does not have any significant influence on the basic production parameters, while utilisation of the oats as the only grain ingredient in the diets (66,7 percent) substantially worsenes the success rates. Supplementation of the feeds with β-glucanase enzyme eliminates all of the negative effects of the anti-nutritional factors of the oats and allows unlimited utilisation of the genetically naked oats in broiler diets that were formulated according to their nutrient levels and ‚the birds needs.