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Selected physical-chemical properties of starches extracted from Polish varieties of naked oats


Oat starch differs in its properties from other commercially produced starch types. It is characterized by small sizes of granules and a high content of lipid substances impacting its properties to a substantial extent. The objective of the research project undertaken was to determine some selected physical-chemical properties of starches extracted from the Polish varieties of naked oats. The determined parameters were: size of granules (determined using ‘VEM’, i.e. a video enhanced microscopy and an image analysis), contents of amylase and lipids, water binding capacity (WBC) and solubility, and pasting profile of 5% water based suspensions. The sizes of starch granules ranged from 1.3 to 13.4 μm, and the average diameter was 6.4 μm. The average content of lipids in the starches investigated was 1.23 %, and of amylase: 15.66 %. The starches analyzed were characterized by a low water absorption and solubility, as well as by an atypical profile of pasting.


oat starch, VEM, image analysis, PSD