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Assessing nutritional value of grains of selected wheat cultivars


The research material consisted of grains of six wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) harvested in 2007 and 2008 (spring cultivars: Torka, Korynta, Cytra, Zadra; winter cultivars: Fregata and Markiza). The analyses comprised the contents of: dry mass, total protein, crude fat, fibre, total carbohydrates, fibre fraction, mineral compounds, amino acids, and nutritional parameters of protein (CS, EAAI, and PER). The Korynta cultivar was characterized by the highest content of protein (176 g/kg d.m.), whereas the Markiza cultivar. – by the lowest content of protein (151 g/kg d.m.). The content of crude fibre in the grains of spring cultivars was lower than in the grains of winter cultivar. The grains of Fregata and Markiza winter cultivars were characterized by the highest content of lignin (ADL). A high content of exogenous amino acids was found in the grains of Markiza cultivar and this was reflected in a high nutritive value computed on the basis of CS and EAAI parameters and of the predicted PER value. In all the samples investigated, lysine appeared to be the first amino acid to limit the value of protein value (CSMH, CSWE).


wheat, chemical composition, fibre fractions, amino acids, protein quality