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Influence of extrusion cooking of maize-oat meal mixtures on the changes of fractional composition of dietary fibre


The aim of the study was to determine the possibilities of using fibre components such as: oat meal, wheat bran, pea hulls to produce high-fiber breakfast cereals. Counter rotating twin-screw extruder was used: barrel temp. 120/150/180/180/130°C, screw speed 72 rpm, die diameter 2x5mm and moisture content 14 and 22%. The influence of participation of exact fiber components and mixture’s moisture on extrudates chemical changes with special compliance of non-starch polysaccharides was tested. An increase in the fiber components share in the mixture increased the content of dietary fibre and protein in extrudates. The extrusion process had destructive influence on non-starch polysaccharides. However the extrusion cooking process resulted in the decrease in the content of dietary fibre (TDF) and its insoluble fraction (IDF) as well as caused an increase in the content on the soluble fraction of fiber (SDF). These changes depended on the composition of the mixture subjected to the extrusion cooking process and moisture content. Also a slight decrease in the protein content in the extrudates compared to the raw materials was observed.


extrusion cooking, dietary fibre, oat, wheat bran, pea hulls