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Effect of chokeberry, strawberry, and raspberry added to cornelian cherry purée on its physical and chemical composition


In this paper, the physical-chemical, antioxidant, and organoleptic properties were compared of cornelian cherry purées without and with the addition of chokeberry, strawberry, and raspberry purée. The purée of cornelian cherry was characterized by a high acidity (2.89 %) and a high content of pectin (2.12 %). Its viscosity was at a level of 31.63 Pa·s. It contained 365 mg/100 g of total polyphenols, 48 mg/100 g of anthocyanins, and 21 mg/100 g of vitamin C. Its antioxidant activity against DPPH was 27 μM Trolox/g. All added fruits caused the acidity level, content of pectin, and the viscosity of purées to decrease. The content of dry matter, extract, and anthocyanin in the purées with strawberries and raspberries added decreased compared to the purée of cornelian cherry, whereas the addition of chokeberry caused those parameters to increase. With the amount of the chokeberry purée added being 20 %, the content of active compounds therein increased. As for the mixed cornelian cherry purée, it was found that the following values increased: the content of anthocyanin increased by more than 2.5 times, of polyphenols – twice, and its activity against DPPH improved by 1.8 times. At the same time, the content of vitamin C decreased. The chokeberry added to the purée of cornelian cherry caused the purées of cornelian cherry to significantly darken compared to the control sample, while the addition of raspberries and strawberries did not change the brightness (L∗) of the tested purées. According to the organoleptic assessment, the colour of the cornelian cherry purée with chokeberry was scored the best (it was given the highest number of points), while the flavour and consistency of the purée with strawberry added was scored the best.


cornelian cherry, fruit purées, antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, total polyphenols, viscosity