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Formula modifications of protective emulsion coatings on casings of dry sausage


The objective of the study was to improve properties of coatings which protected the dry sausage against weight loss during storage at the temp. 4-6°C. The coatings were prepared from emulsions consisted of: beeswax, lard, gelatine, carrageenan preparation, sorbitol and water. In the first experiment possibility to replace the whole amount or the part of lard in emulsion by sorbitol and water or by beeswax was investigated. In the second experiment an attempt was made to reduce gelling ingredients amount (gelatine and carrageenan) in the emulsion and simultaneously amount of emulsion used for coating. The efficiency of different coatings was assessed on sausage mass loss during storage, financial loss and costs of materials used for coating. Water activity in the emulsions and the sausage before storage as well as colour parameters and hardness of the product after storage and removing coatings were determined. The modifications applied did not decrease financial index calculated as sum of loss caused by sausage weight loss and costs of materials used for coating. Additionally, they brought about drawbacks of coating: cracks, heterogeneous colour or difficulty in removing coating from the sausage. The best proved to be emulsion coating with approximate formula: 6% gelatine, 1% carrageenan preparation, 20% beeswax, 20% lard, and 50% water.


emulsion coatings, dry sausage, beeswax, lard, gelling ingredients