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Prospects for using high pressure technologies in manufacturing convenience food from poultry meat


Changing preferences of consumers are the main reason why scientists and food manufacturers have been searching for new concepts and directions in the food product development. In this paper, the applications were presented of high pressure technology to manufacture convenience food from poultry meet in order to guarantee its safety and high quality. In the case of meat products designated as a convenience food type, the food preservation method using a high hydrostatic pressure seems to be an interesting technique to prolong their shelf life; in particular, this refers to the tightly packed products since the secondary contamination thereof during their portioning or slicing is quite possible. Owing to the improper technological treatment, cross-contaminations, or improper storing, pathogenic micro-organisms can develop in this kind of products, especially in those made from poultry meat. Such pathogens are extremely dangerous for people with a decreased immunity, children, the elderly, and pregnant women. In addition, the high pressure processing can be applied to inactivate those human health threatening pathogens.


high pressure, convenience food, quality, shelf life