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Economic aspect of food security in households of the elderly people including selected socio-demographic features


The major reasons of food insecurity in households of the elderly people are linked with poverty, social policy and incomes. The objective  of the research study was to assess the food security in the households of the elderly people in terms of the economic aspect including  some selected socio-demographic features. The research study was based on the author’s own survey questionnaire. More than 25 % of the surveyed expressed an opinion that the food shortage was present in their households or there were con cerns resulting from their  limited financial means. Gender and age were not the factors to statistically significantly differentiate that opinion (in line with the χ2 test), however the results of MCA (Multiple Correspondence Analysis) proved a correlation to exist between that opinion and the age of  the respondents (75 and older). In turn, the place of residence, education and structure of people living together with the respondents in  the same households were socio-demographic features that statistically significantly differentiated the above opinion of the respondents  (χ2). Moreover, based on the results of MCA, a correlation was proved to exist between the place of residence in a village, primary  education, living without a partner, but with a family, and the opinion about the food insecurity. In order to ensure food security in the  households of the elderly people, it is necessary to develop a state-provided and social assistance strategy.


food security, elderly people, survey research, socio-demographic features