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Effect of enzyme preparations on durability of mixed bread made with sourdough and stored under freezing conditions


The objective of the research study was to determine the effect of enzyme preparations added and storage time and conditions on the  physical-chemical parameters of mixed bread made with sourdough. There were analysed the wheat and rye bread without additives  (control) and the bread with Finizyme and G-Zyme preparations added in the amount of 10 and 30 mg/900 g (one loaf). The loaves of  bread were made according to a traditional recipe with sourdough and baked in an oven designed for baking bread; next the loaves were  stored under the freezing conditions for 14 days. There were performed analyses of the fresh bread after 7 and 14 days of storage and the  following was determined: water content, volume (fresh bread), acidity, content of resistant starch and crumb hardness. Also a sensory  evaluation of bread was carried out. During the freezing storage a decrease in water content (1 ÷ 12 %) was reported as was the increase in  the acidity; as regards the bread with enzyme preparations added, the latter contributed to a higher increase in the content of resistant  starch (RS) compared to the control bread. The enzyme preparations added caused the bread volume to significantly increase and its external appearance to improve. Therefore its sensory characteristics were higher evaluated. The texture of bread increased significantly  during two weeks of the deep freezing storage. Higher changes in this parameter were found in the control bread, however the enzyme  preparations added limited, to some extent, the rate of crumb hardening. Therefore the conclusion is that it is beneficial to add enzyme  preparations to the recipe of bread made from sourdough because its volume is increased, its hardening is limited during the freezing  storage and the content of RS starch, the factor of a pro-health character, is increased.


bread made with sourdough, enzyme preparations, resistant starch (RS), freezing storage