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Effect of implementing standardized management systems on functioning of food supply chains


The paper is an attempt to determine the effect of implementing the requirements of standardized quality and food safety management  systems on improving some selected processes performed in supply chains. The main inspiration to begin research studies in this domain  is, among other things, the fact that the reference literature (particularly the Polish literature) lacks research and studies on the issues in  this area. The survey was carried out at the turn of November and December 2015 and included a group of 38 organizations, which co-created food supply chains. Each of the surveyed organizations had an implemented quality management system according to ISO 9001  Standard; ten organizations implemented also a certified food safety management system ISO 22000. The research tool was an  anonymous questionnaire consisting of 12 open or closed questions arranged in a logical order. Based on the survey results obtained, it was found that the standardized management systems supported food safety in the supply chain and in addition they could significantly  support key processes implemented therein. The results obtained showed that the standardized management systems had the greatest  effect on the execution of processes relating to the organization of deliveries and on the defining of coherent strategy for the entire supply  chain. They had the lowest effect on the flexibility and speed of logistics processes.


quality, food safety, supply chain, ISO 9001, ISO 22000