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Effect of transglutaminase on specific volume and crumb porosity of gluten-free buckwheat bread


Bread is a basic ingredient of daily diet. For patients with celiac disease this basic product is glutenfree bread, however compared to the  traditional bread, the gluten-free bread is characterised by a lower nutritional value. Thus new methods are sought to increase this value  and one of the research lines is to improve the quality parameters of gluten-free bread by using enzyme preparations. The objective of the  research study was to assess the effect of adding transglutaminase (TG), its activity being 5, 10 and 15 U/100 g of blend, to a flour blend  containing equal quantities of buckwheat flour and gluten-free wheat starch, on the quality parameters of gluten-free bread including  specific volume of bread and crumb porosity. When incorporated into the dough recipe, this enzyme preparation affected the basic baking  parameters of buckwheat bread; namely it caused the bread crumb moisture to increase and the bake loss to decrease. The TG additive had  also a beneficial effect on the specific volume of the bread. Significant differences were reported already at a dose of 5 U TG/100 g of  blend. The porous structure of crumb was improved; the number of pores per 10 cm2 of slice surface increased; those pores became  thinwalled and equally distributed. At the same time it was found that that increasing the added quantity of TG to 15 U/100 g of blend was  not useful. The sensory analysis showed that the buckwheat bread was well accepted. Also a sample with 5 U TG/100 g of blend was rated  particularly high in terms of its acceptance. The panellists appreciated the appearance of the baked buckwheat bread resembling the  conventional bread; they also appreciated the characteristic for buckwheat taste and aroma differentiating buckwheat bread from other  gluten-free products.


gluten-free buckwheat bread, transglutaminase, bread specific volume, crumb porosity