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Fruit quality as assessed by consumers


Food products offered to consumers should be of high quality, and, first of all, safe for health. Health safety issues have been settled by and included in the EU food law. Those issues are also mirrored in consumer preferences. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of some selected sociodemographic characteristics on the opinions referring to the quality of fruits. It was found that, in addition to taste, the most important features of fruit quality are: freshness, healthful values, and appetizing appearance. Those attributes are also important fruit selection criteria. In the opinion of the majority of respondents, the hazards involved in the purchase of fruits comprise the lack of freshness and the presence of spoiled fruits and pesticide residues inside the packages. To reduce the fruit safety hazards, the fruits should be washed, peeled, and, also, purchased in proven places. Those fruit purchase-related hazards indicated by the consumers should constitute a valuable guidance for producers and other elements of the entire distribution chain interested in increasing the purchase and consumption of fruits.


fruit, safety, quality, preferences