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Evaluating acceptance of food with health-promoting properties by women aged 60+


Food market counts among some of the most innovative segments of economy both in Poland and worldwide. The production of food of a higher quality, adequate nutritional value and pro-health properties is a specific imperative for producers. The objective of the research study was to evaluate the degree of acceptance and frequency of  consumption of food with health-promoting properties and a reduced fat content by a group of women over 60 years of age (n = 102). The research study was carried out in 2020 using a Food Attitude Survey (FAS-R) method. With the use of FAS-R scale, evaluated was the willingness of the women surveyed to accept food products they had never eaten before. By establishing the degree of this acceptance on the scale, a list of new products for the respondents was determined. The level of acceptance of the innovative food products depended on the socio- demographic characteristics of consumers (women above 60 years of age), such as age and level of education. Those factors determined the positive attitudes and the increase in the frequency of consumption of health- promoting food by women aged 60+. The health condition of female respondents did not significantly affect the  positive attitudes towards consuming food with healthpromoting properties. The persons with both the “good”  and “neither good nor bad” health status showed the ambivalent attitudes towards the food with pro-health  properties. When choosing food, the group of elderly women surveyed mainly paid attention to its taste.


pro-healthy food, attitudes, consumer, elderly women (60+), questionnaire survey