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System for tracking and tracing flow and origin of food as tool to ensure consumer safety


In the paper, the issues were presented that referred to a system for tracking and tracing the flow and origin of food (traceability). Among other things, the definition of traceability was discussed, as were the legal aspects of implementing this system into the food chain and the implementation-related concepts such as tracking and tracing. Many food production-related areas were pointed out (such as purchases of raw materials, storage, preparation for production, processing, packaging, transport and distribution, and, also, cleaning and disinfection) that should be included into the system of tracking and tracing the flow of food products. The method of collecting data and their type were characterized and exemplified by animal and plantoriginating products. A method to identify food in a food chain was depicted as were some new technologies, for example RFID. Furthermore, there was characterized a crisis management to be applied in the case of threat or danger signals appearing in the food product market. Finally, there were taken together the benefits resulting from the functioning of the traceability system, both external and internal.


food production, food chain, traceability