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Factors impacting the students from the city of Wrocław when they choose fermented milk drinks


Consumers do not always choose food or drinks according to what is really necessary for their bodies. However, they always expect high quality of food products, i.e. safe, sensory attractive food with necessary nutritional, sometimes pro-healthy properties, and, also, user-friendly food products. The objective of the study project was to analyse attitudes and preferences of consumers including some selected factors impacting the behaviour of students while making a decision what fermented milk drinks to buy. The study project was based on a survey of 317 students (males and females) from various higher education institutions in the city of Wrocław. The survey carried out allowed for determining the needs of purchasers referring to the range of fermented milk drinks offered. Furthermore, the brands of fermented milk drinks preferred by the surveyed consumers were determined, as well as the quality parameters impacting the consumer decision on what product they want to consume. The survey also allowed for determining to what degree the consumers were interested in the health safety aspects of food products and in their nutritional values. Based on the study results, it was found that the consumers highly appreciate the taste, and nutritional & healthy values of fermented milk drinks. Among the drinks assessed, yoghurts and kefirs appeared to be the most popular and the highest appreciated drinks. More and more frequently, the food the consumer takes into consideration such food properties as the healthy aspect and the nutritional value of food product. The analysis of data obtained shows that the Wrocław students very willingly eat fermented milk drinks; 98 % of the respondents declare they consume them. The brand name of product is of a great importance for the young people when deciding what product to purchase.


fermented milk drinks, consumer behaviours, preferences