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Health safety and nutritional quality of chicken meat and eggs


The most essential health risk of poultry products is associated with microbial contamination (S. enteritidisS. typhimurium, C. jejuni), residue of veterinary drugs and chemical pollutions and also with physical contaminants. The programme of salmonellosis eradication undertaken in our country result in positive changes. The increase of demands of poultry and eggs from ecological farming has been observed. Production of poultry in certified system of „Label Rouge” meet customer needs, with simultaneous guarantee that its specific features are an effect of procedural methods of obtaining them and of official supervision. The regulation of nutritional quality of poultry meat and of eggs bases on increase of ω (n)-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in lipid tissue and in egg yolk, as a result of application of diet containing seeds of flax, fish fats and additionally vitamin E. It is possible to reduce amount of cholesterol in egg yolk up to 30% by the genetic selection, proper nutritional strategy and usage of pharmacological specifics. The numerous nutritional research conducted in the last years do not confirm the dependence between increase of cholesterol level in blood and consumption of few eggs a day.